The Perfect Writing Apps

And the question I get asked all of the time.

“What do you use?”

It doesn’t matter what I use. It also doesn’t matter what you use.

For all of the wonder and mystery people like to espouse about Hemingway, he wrote with a fucking pencil. Joyce had a fountain pen. David Foster Wallace put together most of Infinite Jest on a typewriter (you know, the thing without the delete key).

Jonathan Franzen yanked the wifi card from his laptop and filled the ethernet ports with glue. He saves his drafts to a USB thumb drive — what a fuckin thrill-seeker.

What’s the best app/ tool/ method? Whatever doesn’t get in your way. If you think the “right app” is the only thing keeping you from writing your story, then you were probably never meant to write it in the first place.

You aren’t looking for an app; you want an excuse.

Like how the gym is too far away or that last cigarette or staying with him because he “just gets you.” You don’t want help; you just want to feel OK about not doing the thing you said you were going to do.

I’ve tried every writing app and tool on the planet. They all suck in their own special way. The best one is the one that keeps the words moving. Whatever that is for you, use it.

The more an app promises to do for you, the less effective it tends to be.

MS Word doesn’t fail. Google Docs is free. A pencil and a sheet of paper may get you where you need to go. The most effective writing app? A table and a chair in an empty room where nothing can bother you for a few hours. If that doesn’t drive you to write, then nothing will.

You don’t need an app. You need a kick in the ass. Consider this it. Advice like this, and so much more, is available on my Instagram. It’s the most comprehensive free-writing class on the web. You’re welcome in advance.

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