How Copywriting Will Save Your Valentine’s Day

You forgot, didn’t you? I knew you would. You can still save this.

Yeah, I got loads of good stuff like this on my Insta

Yeah, that’s right, it’s on FRIDAY.⠀

Which makes it even more critical, because if you blow it, then you have to ride out their attitude through the whole weekend. There’s not enough merlot in the world for that.⠀

Oh, wait, what’s that? Something about how you’re against the consumerist blah blah of the holiday? How woke of you. Are you done? Good, shut up and listen.⠀

Know what people love? Like, LOVE love? Knowing something was done *just* for them.⠀

Also, consumerism or not, you’re looking to get some. Don’t lie, you are. I can smell it from here.⠀

Want action in the sheets? It starts on the page with a pen in hand. So help me, if you drop the eggplant emoji into their inbox…I don’t even know how hard I’m going to smack you.⠀

Let’s be real: all of the rose petals and fancy dinners and chocolates and bivalve aphrodisiacs in the world won’t do a damn thing if you top it with some lame-ass Hallmark card you bought at the last minute.⠀

Your kid can do better — Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Worse yet: if you stood there for more than 10 minutes picking out the *perfect* card. C’mon. You don’t have to write a sonnet, but you need to put some skin on the line (to, you know, get some skin on *your* line).⠀

Here’s what you do:⠀
*Get a pen, a bit of paper. If you text this to their inbox, game over. Handwriting only.⠀

*Give a specific, but simple, instruction. Give them a way to buy in: “Meet me here” or “wear that blue thing I like” or “leave your wallet at home” (<- use this last one with caution, it has been known to RUIN underwear).⠀

*Let them know something planned. Build anticipation. “I know you’re going to love this” is good. “The kids are at my mom’s place tonight” is better.⠀

*Use the active tense. Use action verbs. Look them up. After all, you are trying to get some action. ⠀

*You get major bonus points — from me, from them — if you can do all of this without using the word “Valentine.”⠀

*This holiday is about emotion. Copywriting is about emotion. Even if you are the densest person on the planet, you can still tap into the humanness of emotion.⠀

Unless maybe you’re a psychopath? Yeah? Then Russel Stover and Hallmark totally have your back.⠀

Good luck out there, scoundrels.

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